Establish in Arvika

There are many advantages for those wishing to establish businesses in Arvika! Here are some reasons why you should choose Arvika.

Business issues are high priorities

Business issues have top priority in Arvika. The Arvika Business Pilot is there for you as an entrepreneur, and helps to minimize bureaucracy and to reduce contact and decision paths.

A variety of premises and land

There is a wide variety of premises and empty land for manufacturers and service companies.

Good communications

From Arvika it is close and easy to get to metropolitan areas and further out into the world. Train services are good and both Karlstad and Oslo airports are close.

A vibrant town centre

Arvika is a nice small town with a real town centre. There are over 120 shops and business establishments. They co-operate with each other through the Active Arvika Association, which aims to create an attractive town centre in Arvika.

In Arvika, we have a "good life"

Last but not least - in Arvika, we have a "good life" - a life with quality! Here you'll find everything from an untouched natural beauty, numerous recreational facilities to a rich musical and cultural life with festivals and an art museum. A go-ahead spirit, inventiveness, a love of storytelling and good humour - these are the main characteristics of the people of Arvika!


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