Arvika's Business Pilot

Arvika's Business Pilot is your entry point into the municipality. The organisation works to simplify contacts between people in the region. We aim to make it easy to conduct business in Arvika. All advice is provided individually, free of charge and is completely confidential. The Business Pilot is a network that covers various activities and organisations including the municipality's business unit, the tourism office and Arvika Business Centre. We have expertise in business development, rural development, skills development, EU projects, culture and tourism industry.

Anna Wikstrand
Assistant head of local government
Tel +46 (0)570 816 95

Jonas Andersson
Business development, start-ups, advice and support for existing companies and new businesses.
Tel +46 (0)570 819 28

Maria Karlsson
Business directory, statistics.
Tel +46 (0)570 816 97

Jenny Fändriks
Cultural development, advice and support to cultural operators.
Tel +46 (0)570 816 08

Eva Aasum
Tourism office manager, advice and support for businesses working with tourism, exhibitions and marketing.
Tel +46 (0)570 817 91

Jessica Carlsson
City center developer.
Tel +46 (0)570 828 06, +46 (0)70 286 04 15


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