Trade and industry

With approximately 11 000 jobs Arvika is a municipality in which large companies and manufacturing industry dominates, which is also internationally oriented.

The largest companies are Volvo Construction Equipment External link, opens in new window. - one of the worlds leading manufacturers of construction equipment, Arvika Gjuteri External link, opens in new window. - supplier to the auto industry, Thermia External link, opens in new window. - producing heat pumps, Swegon External link, opens in new window. - building solutions for indoor climate and Trioworld Lundin External link, opens in new window. - producer of plastic bags. A number of smaller companies with high quality products are also to be found in the municipality. The companies are mainly in the automotive and manufacturing industries, energy, and heating and cooling.

Arvika is also a commerce city that offers many events and experiences for the visitors during the summer.

The municipality has many exciting employers in both the private and public sector offering attractive and challenging jobs. In order to attract and retain people, we want to create good conditions for businesses. We are constantly working towards having already established and new companies feel the support and encouragement from the municipality. We want the good habitat in Arvika to be appreciated by both people and businesses.

The efforts to increase the attractiveness of Arvika, is the result of cooperation between the municipality, businesses and industry associations making this a high priority.

Updated: 2022-08-18
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