Emergency calls  

With the emergency number 112 to SOS Alarm you can reach ambulance, rescue/fire services, police, air rescue, sea rescue, mountain rescue, poison information, on-call physicians, emergency social services.

You can always call 112 in an acute emergency, wherever you are in the country. The number is going to SOS Alarm in the region where the call originates. The telephone operator can see the address from where the call comes.

If you are alerting from a payphone, just pick up the phone and dial 112, without using calling cards. You call 112 without any area code. This also applies when calling from a cell phone.

An emergency operator receives your call and can connect you to the proper authorities. The SOS operator's questions do not delay the alarm. While an operator is talking to you, another one has started the alert procedures. Keep in mind that the SOS operators are experts in helping.

Always be prepared to answer the SOS operator's three important questions;

  • What happened? - Give as much detail as possible about what has happened
  • Which phone number are you calling from? - Tell them who you are
  • What help is needed? - Report about the injuries and damage
Updated: 2019-05-09