About the site

Welcome to arvika.se - the official website of the municipality of Arvika. The current site version was built in 2013 with the publication tool SiteVision, replacing the former site of 2009. The municipality has had an official website since 1996 and an intranet since 1998. More information about the site and the ideas behind it, can be found in the municipal web policy.

Navigating the site

The site contains a wealth of information and thousands of individual pages. If you have trouble finding what you want by going through the menu, you can, for example, use the search function. You'll find the search box at the top right of every page. Here you can search for everything that is published on the site. You can also look through the site map, which provides a structured overview of the site.


Some forms, brochures and other documents are saved in PDF format - that is, you need the programme Adobe Reader to read them. You can download Adobe Reader free of charge from the Internet. Make sure you have a newer version of the programme, otherwise you may have trouble opening certain files.

Most of the links on the site contain information about where they lead - in some cases also information about the size of the target file. Many links, (such as PDF files and external links) open a new window when you click at them.

Easy to read

Some of the pages of the site are also available in a "easy-to read version". In these cases you will find a link to the easy-to-read version in the box "More Information" to the right.


For best results when printing, use the "Print page" link.  The symbol is situated at the bottom of each page. There is also the "View as PDF" link, which makes it possible to save the visited page as a PDF file on your computer.

Updated: 2022-07-06