Twin towns and partners

Arvika municipality has adopted an international strategy that says that the municipality will encourage contacts, cooperation and exchange,s as well as promote the interests of the region and of Arvika.

Twin cities

The municipality's twin cities are Kongsvinger, Norway, Skive, Denmark and Ylöjärvi in Finland. Twinning with Skive and Kongsvinger started as early as in 1947 through an initiative of the Nordic Association. Ylöjärvi was added in 1978 and then replaced another Finnish municipality. The purpose of twinning is to exchange experience and contribute to the development of municipalities in different areas.

Other interaction

Another collaboration association is ARKO, where eleven Swedish-Norwegian municipalities are included. The purpose is to create and mediate contacts and work with common projects.

Even at home the municipality of Arvika is working in many different types of interaction organisations.

In addition, continuous time-limited collaborative projects are going on, both nationally and internationally, in sectors such as education, business and social spheres.

Updated: 2022-08-04