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ARV 03, cottage Arvika, Fiskevik

Small cottage in Fiskevik.
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ARV 05, cottage Arvika, Mastviken

Small cottage near lake Glafsfjorden.
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ARV 11, cottage Arvika, Mangskog

Small cabin near lake at the same ground as ARV 12.
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ARV 12, cottage Arvika, Mangskog

Small cabin near lake on the same ground as ARV 11
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ARV 14, cottage Arvika, Krokebol

Cosy cabin in the countryside.
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ARV 15, Private apartment Arvika, Hillringsberg

Apartment in an old manor house only 30 m from the small river Glaälven. Close to the nature reserve Glaskogen.
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ARV 17, cottage Arvika

Beautifully situated cottage, 10 m from lake.
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ARV 21 cottage Arvika, Takene

Cosy cottage in rural surroundings close to lake Rinnen in Takene.
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ARV 22, cottage Arvika, Rackstad

Beautyfully situated house only 10 m from lake Racken, 6 km Northeast of Arvika.
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ARV 23, cottage Arvika, Timbonäs

Cabin in the countyrside.
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Arvika Tourist Information centre - cottages

Private cottages in Arvika.
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Cabins with 1-7 beds on a small biodynamic farm.
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Nykvist Bostad

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Private appartments in Arvika

Booking of private rooms and appartments in Arvika.
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Updated: 2013-10-22
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